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Who is Jeanie Lyubelsky?

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“Hello, your writing projects and success are very important to me! Your written work will be carefully reviewed before being delivered back into your hands, so it is ready for you to use. Get my attention quickly by email or by filling out the sidebar’s contact form. I will gladly connect with you!”
– Jeanie Lyubelsky

Professional Background and Skills

Jeanie Lyubelsky is an experienced professional with nearly 20 years of experience in reviewing text for business professionals, aspiring and published authors, finance professionals and investors, leadership and management specialists, health and fitness experts, project managers, accountants, engineers, computer scientists, psychologists, attorneys, public relations professionals, proposal and grant writers, government contractors, business owners, and other writers needing a highly competent and professional editor.

You have found an experienced specialist who focuses on content enrichment while reviewing for overall readability, content flow, grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency of style, language usage, and message effectiveness in preparing your written works for publication. Ms. Lyubelsky helps her clients be rewarded with multiple manuscript publications, increased readerships, successful contracts, increased assets, funding, and professional growth.

As a certified technical writer, Ms. Lyubelsky has extensive experience in business, financial, and technical writing. Her regular daily experiences include editing and proofreading author-clients’ novels, novellas, business content, white papers, and other written works. She also freelances as a copy editor, proofreader, and editorial manager producing publication-ready content for a peer-reviewed journal.

Ms. Lyubelsky is a member of the American Finance Association, IEEE’s Robotics & Automation Society, Association of Science-Technology Centers, and IEEE’s Professional Communication Society. She holds a research-focused Master of Science degree in social services with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, both earned at the University of Wisconsin. Along with a well-rounded education and an ongoing specialization in reviewing written language, she had also worked professionally with electronics technology since the mid-90s and has a variety of specialized interests.

Ms. Lyubelsky cheerfully delivers exceptional services for specialists and other writers who want exceptional quality. Her strengths include proofreading, copy editing, technical editing, content enhancement, proposal and report reviews, and editing of her clients’ manuscripts and various written projects. Jeanie works well with many different types of information. She regular provides competent and strategic reviews of manuscripts, books, e-books, leadership and management narratives, professional papers, business and financial reports, accounting text, legal content, advertising, public relations, proposals, user guides, investor stories, original compositions, and more. Jeanie’s services are always professional and delivered on time.

Clients who hire Jeanie find her to be a responsive team player who is able to prioritize well and work independently toward furthering clients’ plans, goals, and objectives. Exposure to many different types of information and literature through project completions has earned Jeanie the extensive experience needed to be a capable and flexible service provider for effectively enhancing your written work.

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