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Should New Software Developers Risk Vendor Lock-In?


Vendor lock-in is an increasing risk to new products, especially significant to software development. Any new software product for a particular platform, such as a proprietary mobile operating system or a popular gaming platform often requires that you invest hundreds or even thousands of hours into developing designs that can only be used on specific […]

Will Your Job Be Done by a Robot?

In reality, advancing robotics technology may provide job security for high-skilled workers. When low-skilled workers who cannot manage software programs are paired with technology, productivity decreases. However, when the right software and robotic companions are paired with high-skilled workers who know how to operate and use technology, productivity and efficiency increases. Business owners and hiring […]

Artificial Intelligence Rises to the Test of Application


Out of the future and into the present, technology improvements around artificial intelligence (AI) are here to stay. The somewhat uncanny blog post photo represents psychological analysis and documentation of human emotion. Innovation has blended the work of engineers, film makers, creative designers, computer scientists, and science fiction writers. Step by step, AI technology is […]

Convert Website Visitors Into Clients

Your website is your storefront, and the world is full of virtual window shoppers. At the same time, not all window shoppers become customers, and it takes more than just savvy pricing. Why? Highly specialized markets require highly specific language, especially when it comes to the business or technology expertise that you may have to […]

Test-Driven Development: Building Things Backwards to Make Them Right


Test-driven development has rapidly gained popularity among software developers and project managers as a means of building quality assurance before beginning to build the product. This method has many obvious advantages while implications of its use also lead to more efficient and profitable business practices. • Products are designed well upfront because vague ideas cannot […]

Technology Ethics: No Easy Answers

Our changing world provides society with a kaleidoscope of demands. In some ways, this is very good for business. All of the buzzwords are there: war on terrorism, reconstruction efforts, security threats, global interdependence, aging population, medical epidemics, economic crises, environmental issues, etc. In a successful economic system, long-range financial outlooks determine what can be […]

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