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Insider’s Guide to Editorial Services

Do you find yourself wrapped up with grammar,
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when your mind just wants to create your visions?

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Paragraph five contains juicy insider information on editing and proofreading vendors.

Who are you are trusting to edit and proofread your valuable written work?
“You will likely find that my exceptional consultative editing and proofreading services, priced with a high value to sell well, are exactly what you need. Automated “editing” and “proofreading” programs that work about as well as Microsoft Word’s “spell check” are never relied on here. What you get with my service is pure, authentic, top-notch editing and proofreading by an extensively experienced editorial services professional.

As a full-time specialist, I am not handling a newsletter list, hiring other editors or running a content mill, or trying to build a “how to start your own editorial business” website on the side. Admittedly, you will have to look elsewhere if looking for a mediocre experience with a part-time hobbyist type of ‘professional.’ In fact, I am not even on the phone or having other clients call me while reviewing your important written work. Quite simply, you have my full professional focus, and I am a specialist.

I personally review each of my clients’ written works carefully, finding hidden spelling errors, questionable word usage, grammar mistakes, punctuation problems, and rewrite content if necessary for clarity, flow, and style. Consultative comments are also offered out of extensive experience in helping countless writers successfully reach their goals. I understand that you need to succeed. I offer specialized services, because I truly care about my clients’ successes!

In addition to my freelance work as the copy editor, editorial manager, and proofreader of a professional journal, I edit and proofread for published authors and other successful clients every day. What I share with you here below will save you time, money, potential headaches, and is readily available on the internet with a little searching.

Many pre-submission review services, seemingly larger editing and proofreading companies, bulk-content-producing businesses, and value-reducing third parties often (1) charge higher fees for longer turnaround times or (2) simply charge more for non-native English speakers to review your written work. Some of these agencies hire intelligent editors and proofreaders to resell their services with a claim that “Ph.D.-level editors work for us and will be editing your work.” It gets really bad when these agents use “samples” of well-edited text to make sales, and then after orders are placed, hire $10/hr. editors to follow up. In fact, I have been approached for such initial “sales samples” many times. These clients’ identities and their inquiries for my services are requested to be kept mysteriously discrete, while their instructions are almost always the same: “Do not use your last name in tracked changes, and mark up the copy as much as possible.” Watch what these companies are doing online or through platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, and even Fiverr.

Some pre-submission services, other related editorial-services reseller companies, and even some freelancers may claim untrue amounts of education and that services are done by native English speakers. However, even on the most popular third-party service sites, contractors hired for such “temp assignments” only need to check a box identifying oneself as a “native speaker with no discernible accent” or make claims of educational levels and degrees—this is all then displayed as legitimate credentials on contractors’ profiles. Given these common ‘content mill’ business practices, you may want to know a little more about your editor or proofreader, that is, more about the one who is reviewing written work to be submitted in your name.

Regardless of the industry’s moral breakdown, results, in the end, are what count. Large companies can hardly compete in terms of cost-to-service value offered when compared to a serious service-providing specialist. In fact, when your work comes in the door of an editing mill, the first-available proofreader or editor is assigned for meeting what becomes tighter turnaround times when funneled through a management layer. Alternately, they subcontract the work altogether to a specialist outside of their agency. We can be certain that an editorial operations manager, marketing manager, or content agent of any type reselling services behind a ‘big company’ does not have time to be deeply involved with front-line service provision (you may also wish to see details of why third-party services cost an average of 30–40% more by clicking here ).

When you are on any editing or proofreading service’s reseller site, look closely at written guarantees, and you will find that no review service can guarantee publication, regardless of relationships to certain publishing groups. At the same time, we are all polishing your English language usage to improve your chances of getting your work approved by professional reviewers, future readers, or clients. We are also all copy editing and proofreading manuscripts according to the same top-level language standards and required style guides (e.g., IEEE materials with the IEEE Standards Style Manual, psychology and social services papers with APA Style, and, of course, following basic expectations of standard American English, otherwise known as SAE).

Another issue to look at when selecting a professional editor or proofreader for your important work is the possibility of revisions and future editorial needs. Initial unfamiliarity expressed by “your editor” or “your proofreader” indicates that you have run into a content mill or just another service reseller agency where your revised work will likely not be assigned to the same person who worked on your first version. On the other hand, when your original editor or proofreader remembers reviewing your important work, you know you will receive personalized attention where revisions or other minor adjustments will be recognized and reviewed more accurately, given the full picture in understanding the scope of your work.

American English, with all of its nuances, is the basic language standard for many publications, and it is my native language. I am skilled with written language and can also easily edit and proofread within various forms of English (e.g., British English, Australian English, and more). Due to my extensive experience, I have created and professionally reviewed numerous written works over my career time. Unlike barely qualified individuals who think this is the easiest way to make money online fast or those who hope to someday be a writer, you have found a certified technical writer and editorial specialist who focuses on development in my chosen career.

I will gladly hear from you, develop a professional relationship and a personalized plan that fits your needs, and polish your written work with a focus on standards expected by your readers, reviewers, and future clientele. Save money, improve your writing quality, speed up turnaround times, and increase your available time to focus on your preferred tasks by making a smart decision today. Get your writing polished with specialized care by a native English-speaking certified technical writer who is extensively experienced in delivering exceptional editing and proofreading results—guaranteed!”
– Jeanie Lyubelsky

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