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Marketing Strategy for Authors

This post is primarily for my clients who have book manuscripts in progress and for those who are now published authors. Feel free to connect with me again and let me know how you are doing! Have you celebrated your publication already, and have you thought about holding a virtual book launch?

Reach more people and make an impact on your target readership in new ways that make the business of selling your books run more efficiently. Put together a media kit in which you have gathered information that you are most interested in sharing. Plan ahead to promote your author website, blog, YouTube channel, or any other medium in which you have chosen to display your work. If you are going to use social media, make sure that you have a plan for responding to your commenters.

Many of my clients have written books based on innovative technological ideas, finance opportunities, and management practices that are marketable to a world-wide readership. Teleconferences, telephone interviews, and webinars are some examples of technology that you can use to launch your newly finished work and spread the news about your book around the world! Include these techniques with your marketing plan as a virtual book tour strategy.

Webinars and teleconferences can be recorded with minimal costs, especially as compared to the costs of a physical book tour. Think about how you want to get your virtual book tour off to a good start and make your plan. Carry out technology-enhanced seminars, welcome your listeners, and announce your book. Sharing some content and possible success stories can be effective if you have had beta readers already follow your published methods and experience success.

While promoting your book, feel free to give away some information. Avoid becoming concerned about “giving away too much.” You are the expert of your topic, and very few people will want to retrace your professional steps to reach this same level of expertise. People who are interested in your topic will more likely just think about buying your book to get as much information as they can in one convenient source. Encourage their thoughts around your book and its content, and enjoy your new status as a published author.

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