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Proofreading & Editing Services
Easy ordering process! Firm price quotes are offered before order placement.

Service Hourly Price Range (USD)
Proofreading & Copy Editing 16–25
Line Editing & Stylistic Editing 17–29
Content Editing & Developmental Editing 19–34
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Writing Services
Free initial consultation provided to help you develop your written work and content plan.

Service Hourly Price Range (USD)
Technical Writing, Proposal Writing, & Ghostwriting 27–44
Business Copywriting, Financial Writing, & Report Writing 29–49
On a budget? Drafting content for editing and proofreading can be easy.
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Service Guarantee

The service guarantee is simple: Free re-editing or money back if your manuscript is rejected. This guarantee applies to all work done by this service provider when the edited final product was not altered and if rejection was purely on the basis of English language errors. You may rest assured with top-notch quality standards and best-practices service delivery, while online payments accepted through PayPal also include additional service delivery guarantees.

Easy Payment Terms

Easy and safe guaranteed payments can be made with any credit card. There is no need to have a PayPal account to get full service delivery guarantees. Prepaid segments can easily be set up with incremental payment plans for larger manuscripts and other longer-term projects.


Your work deserves the utmost respect. You are welcome to specify any special handling considerations for your work. Jeanie Lyubelsky will never disclose any details of your work, including shared confidential information during the provision of services for you.

Considering Hiring Through a Third Party?

If you were referred without a vendor service, contact me directly to enjoy the best rates, greater service flexibility, and guaranteed exceptional results. (Click on this blog post to see why third-party prices are higher.) My credentials are the same no matter where I am hired, yet direct online payment guarantees are stronger than those offered by a third party that considerately guarantees payment to its contractors. Offers through third parties cost about 20–40% more for covering associated efficiency losses, while exclusive rates are offered directly . So, let’s consider the following: Is ordering a smaller trial sample worth a more flexible relationship, the best pricing values, increased priority for your future needs, and direct high-quality service?

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