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Ready to Manage Future Technology

Learning about available technology is like moving through a never-ending funnel of information. Who is keeping pace with all of this technological change? Certainly, information warehouse giants have plenty of stored big data. Individual information bits are indexed and can be brought up with a simple search. This data supports new movements of active use in technology fields, such as in artificial intelligence, software development, robotics, and other practical management application areas.

Some individuals and groups advocate for large regulatory agencies that would manage technology growth. We may imagine that registration with new ways to tax independent creators’ innovations and intellectual property would not be far behind. Fear of the unknown could also increase higher registration requirements and higher taxes to match. At the same time, some countries (e.g., Great Britain and India) have enacted information technology usage laws. Other entities are also starting to focus on robotics and other technology development policies.

Continued advancements in technology and robotics are interesting to watch. No doubt our new global communities will lean toward accelerated technological growth in countries that offer the most favorable environments for innovations and developments. The United States, with its significant history of favoring business growth and capitalism, may wish to continue along this path of advantage when it comes to allowing more unregulated freedom for technological advancement.

The field of robotics, and especially the field of human-robot interaction, is moving toward blurring lines between person and machine. Research in cyberlaw and people’s reactions to such regulations cannot keep pace with internet usage, much less with modern technological advancements. So then, is there any race to manage future technology, and if this phenomena does exist, then who will win… the creators, the profiteers, or a mix of individuals who fit into timeless categories of managing large groups with possible profits or even protective motivations? In the final analysis, we can hope that the focus on technology creators’ intentions of doing great things for people’s lives through technological assistance will prevail.

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