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Rising Technology Market Connections

Technology is changing how we live and work while also creating the potential to make radical new market changes over the next five years. The fallout from current technologies will create new niches as people either embrace new technology or seek to escape it.

One example is seen through increasing facial recognition technology. As more people record their daily activities with phones and all sorts of other devices (e.g., wearable glasses with embedded cameras), automatic identification of people on the street is likely to become quite common. Some people will probably rebel against this trend and they will want technology that scrambles operating code for automatic facial recognition programs.

Significant response to the increase in social-media-powered surveillance is already observable with a quick Internet search. As employers, colleges, and even match-making sites increasingly judge people by the quality of their social media accounts, there’s been a correlating growth of demand and focus of online social media efforts. Inventors with new ideas for social media technology will continue to find plenty of opportunity in networking systems for efficiently increasing the quantity and quality of meaningful connections.

No discussion on this topic would be complete without mentioning the rising number of people who no longer have physical jobs—people who work entirely online. Although technology niches that help people find work are well-saturated, liberation from physicality has spurred many of these online workers to move to distant lands with a low cost of living and good Internet service (i.e., eMigrants). This rapidly increasing demographic needs the help of new technologies to pay their taxes, stay connected with friends and family, and continue living with first-world conveniences in third-world countries.

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