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Why You Pay More Through Third-Party Vendors & Job-Posting Websites


Do you want to save a significant amount of money for top-notch services? If you reviewed my excellent feedback through a third-party website with higher rates but had first found this website on your own, then you will want to contact me directly as a referred client to save time and money (click here to […]

Evaluating Your Best Investments


Since President Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act and its Title II provisions went into effect, investing in small businesses operating within the United States has been a viable route for savvy investors to diversify their portfolios. For this moment in time, President Obama scored big with technology investors, and his actions […]

Will Crowdfunding Sources Let Engineers Work Directly For Customers?


Engineers are innovators: They are regularly designing something new, fixing something already built, or testing something to ensure it will work as expected. Complicated projects that modern engineers typically work on often require large capital investments, forcing engineers to work for investors and managers instead of directly for customers. Crowdfunding is changing all of this. […]

Who Is Your Competition?

US_Navy runner

When you have time and effort carefully placed into your professional preparation, you may think that your business does not have much competition. You just do your best every day, work hard, and business comes in… While these traditional methods are still valid, following only older styles of business strategy no longer give businesses a […]

Should New Software Developers Risk Vendor Lock-In?


Vendor lock-in is an increasing risk to new products, especially significant to software development. Any new software product for a particular platform, such as a proprietary mobile operating system or a popular gaming platform often requires that you invest hundreds or even thousands of hours into developing designs that can only be used on specific […]

Convert Website Visitors Into Clients

Your website is your storefront, and the world is full of virtual window shoppers. At the same time, not all window shoppers become customers, and it takes more than just savvy pricing. Why? Highly specialized markets require highly specific language, especially when it comes to the business or technology expertise that you may have to […]

A common interest that runs through many populations is to learn more about how new and developing technology can improve lives. Making engineering research happen is often a complicated task involving many professional parties to its action. Amazing things are already happening in the many diverse areas of applied engineering, so let’s talk about new […]

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