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Test-Driven Development: Building in Reverse to Go Forward


Test-driven development gained popularity among software developers and project managers as a means of building quality assurance before beginning to build the product. This method has many obvious advantages, while implications of its use also lead to efficient and potentially profitable business practices. Here are some reasons for this method’s success: • Products are designed […]

Ready to Manage Future Technology


Learning about available technology is like moving through a never-ending funnel of information. Who is keeping pace with all of this technological change? Certainly, information warehouse giants have plenty of stored big data. Individual information bits are indexed and can be brought up with a simple search. This data supports new movements of active use […]

Creating Natural Interaction


Roboticists are conducting experiments to come up with ground-breaking technology. Why would anyone be so interested in robots? Robots are among the most distinctive innovations in the world of technology, offering innumerable applications and benefits. Working with robots exposes a researcher to a fascinating process in which engineering follows basic design principles to get from […]

Will Your Job Be Done by a Robot?

In reality, advancing robotics technology may provide job security for high-skilled workers. When low-skilled workers who cannot manage software programs are paired with technology, productivity decreases. However, when the right software and robotic companions are paired with high-skilled workers who know how to operate and use technology, productivity and efficiency increases. Business owners and hiring […]

Technology Ethics: No Easy Answers

Our changing world provides society with a kaleidoscope of demands. In some ways, this is very good for business. All of the buzzwords are there: war on terrorism, reconstruction efforts, security threats, global interdependence, aging population, medical epidemics, economic crises, environmental issues, etc. In a successful economic system, long-range financial outlooks determine what can be […]

A common interest that runs through many populations is to learn more about how new and developing technology can improve lives. Making engineering research happen is often a complicated task involving many professional parties to its action. Amazing things are already happening in the many diverse areas of applied engineering, so let’s talk about new […]

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