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Test-Driven Development: Building in Reverse to Go Forward

Test-driven development gained popularity among software developers and project managers as a means of building quality assurance before beginning to build the product. This method has many obvious advantages, while implications of its use also lead to efficient and potentially profitable business practices. Here are some reasons for this method’s success:

• Products are designed well up front, because vague ideas cannot be tested.
• Well-designed tests allow product completion measurements by figuring out how many tests the new product passes and how many it fails.
• Once a product or new feature update passes all the tests, it can be released immediately.

Distributed releases can be used as an additional advantage to test-driven development, making the project completion process much faster. Such a situation can improve team morale, and giving your group some more room to move. A comprehensive test and release suite allows any trusted person to distribute newly tested features or products within minutes of being coded by the programmer.

The programmer can write the code and run the test suite to verify that everything works correctly. Setting up the new code up to be released and moved into automatic distribution can also happen efficiently. This ability often motivates programmers to write faster, makes them more proud of their work, and frees project managers from having to closely watch written code development to prevent mistakes. Overall, the advantages of test-driven development improve essential business practices of releasing products and features early and often.

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