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Turnaround Timing for Proofreading Service
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Word Count
Turnaround speed is comparatively faster for higher word-count orders.
Regular Turnaround
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Fast Turnaround Options
Based on availability with a small premium, just let me know what timing you need!
Up to 10,000 words 5 days 36 hours
Up to 20,000 words 6 days 48 hours
Up to 35,000 words 7 days 64 hours
Up to 50,000 words 8 days 72 hours
Up to 75,000 words 11 days 5 days
Up to 100,000 words 14 days 7 days
Up to 150,000 words 17 days 11 days
Up to 200,000 words 21 days 14 days
200,000+ words What are your timing needs? Let’s discuss your plan!
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